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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ready or not, here I come...

It's about 3:00am on a Saturday morning, and I'm headed to Cool, Ca to run the Cool Moon 100.
Last year I dropped at mile 50 and took a DNF at the event.  It's something that's been on my mind for the last year.  I feel like I need to go back this year and get some sort of redemption on this course.  Hopefully this weekend will be successful and I'll walk away with one more 100 mile finish to my name, and have one more buckle that sits in a drawer somewhere in my room.

Last year I went in under prepared and mentally unravelled. I wasn't mentally ready to face what the course had to throw at me.  While I felt decently ready physically to tackle the event, I just wasn't prepared to handle the mental game that ultras often become.  The self-doubt set in and overtook me.  I couldn't shake the constant thoughts of "why are you doing this" and "just give up and go home" out of my head.

I fought with this feeling for many miles and at mile 50 I decided to drop out of the race.

It's a year later now and I'd like to say I'm going in with 100% confidence that I'll finish this weekend, but to be honest the doubt is still there.  I feel like I've done the mentally tough workouts, the physically draining workouts, and that I've honestly trained my ass off for this event.  I'm going in knowing that I've prepared as best I can, but there's always that self-doubt that lingers with me.

This weekends battle won't just be a physical one, but like in all events of this distance, it will be a mental battle.

Until next time...


Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Shoes

After many years of running I still get excited about getting new shoes.  I received my New Balance trail 980v2's yesterday and I can't wait to get out on the trail and get some miles in on them.  I plan on using this pair for the Cool Moon 100 in 2 weeks and for the Headlands 100 in September.  Hopefully I'll have some time to hit the trail with these shoes really soon.  I have a pair of new Inov8 trail shoes that I haven't gotten around to testing out as well... and a new pair of Saucony trail shoes on the way.

I've been stuck running a lot on the road lately.  Hopefully my luck will change soon and I'll be on a trail again in a few days.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed running on the road in my New Balance 1980's and my road version of the 980v2's. 

Until next time...


Friday, July 10, 2015

American River Run 2015

On April 4th I ran the American River Run for the 6th time.  This was the first 50 miler I ever ran back in 2010 and was the same race that I became friends with my ultra running buddy Kyle.

This year was extra special because the race landed on my 38th birthday.  My wife, kids, parents, and sister-in-law all came out to cheer me on.  It ended up being a very fun day... eventually.

The race started out good.  I was feeling good, running well, and I even hooked up with someone from Fresno at the very beginning of the race.  If there's one thing I've learned from ultra running, it's that most good things can head south pretty fast.

To make a long story short, the pizza I had the night before was not agreeing with me.  I was stuck in a section of the event where there was no porta potty for quite a few miles, and the down hill parts of the course the I should have been speeding down were a total nightmare.

Finally, after a few miles of clinching, I came upon an aid station with a porta potty... and it was AWESOME!!!

After a long pit stop I was back on the road.  I was really trying to get my head back into the race, but for some reason it just wasn't happening.  I struggled with that "why are yo doing this" head game that often happens when running these things.  I have enough experience doing these types of events that I know these moments will come and go, the feeling just felt like it wasn't going to leave.  I felt like this from about mile 15 to about mile 30ish.

Mile 30ish was my turning point.  I was finally able to get back into the race.  While crossing a road during a race a couple other runners and I were joking around and one of the runners asked "Aren't you from Fresno?"  It turned out that I had helped her at the running store I work at (Fleet Feet Sports Fresno) about a month ago.

We started talking more and she told me that this was going to be he first 50 mile race.  We ended up running together for a few miles  and talked a lot, and this totally turned my shitty mood around.  It's amazing how just talking to someone on the trail can turn a bad run into a good one.  After a few miles of running we agreed to run the rest of the race together and help each other out.

By the end of the race Sheri and I had became pretty good running friends.

I ended up having a really good time, like always, at AR50 this year.  I didn't hit the finishing time I was planning on, but I made a new friend along the way.  Sheri and I run hill repeats at the park every Tuesday morning and hit the San Joaquin River Trail when we both are free.

One of the things I enjoy the most about ultra marathons is the people I meet and the friendships I've made along the way.

until next time....


Saturday, March 14, 2015


Tomorrow I'm pacing the California Classic Half Marathon for the 4th year in a row.  I'm pacing the 2 hour group this year, and that is my favorite time to pace.  I have a ton of fun pacing, and know a bunch of people who have a sub 2 hour goal at this event and I'm going to have a blast pacing them.

I always love pacing, and never turn down an opportunity to pace.  I've always had good experiences pacing, and love the people I get to meet and help out while pacing.

If you ever have a chance to be a pacer at a half or full marathon, I highly suggest you jump at the chance. It's an awesome way to give back to our running community.

Until next time...


Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Goal For 2015

My goal for 2015 is to run everyday this year.  So far I've ran at least one mile everyday.  This is the first time I've attempted a runstreak. 

Running everyday is a little trickier than I thought it was going to be.  There have been a few days where I've had to work at both my jobs, or just had a lot of family stuff going on, or just been plain busy and almost forgot to run.  As of today I'm 36 days into my runstreak quest and all is going well.  During the first couple weeks my legs were feeling tired, but my body has adjusted and I'm honestly feeling pretty strong right now.  I also started up my old weight lifting routine 2 days a week and I'm getting some good cross training with my Jiu Jitsu friends.

My other goal is to update my blog more.  I ended last year pretty bad.  I had a lot of life events going on and didn't write most of the end of the year.  I quit my full-time job for a new one, then decided I didn't like the new one... so I had a lot of life stuff going on.

Right now everything seems to be getting back to normal, and I'm feeling pretty good about things.

I have a lot of videos from last year I need to finish up editing and post.  I recently lost the charging cable for my laptop, so as soon as the replacement one shows up in the mail I'll jump back on my video editing.

Until next time...


Monday, January 12, 2015

My Running Adventure Today

My goal for 2015 is to run everyday this year.  I'm shooting for a 365 day run streak.  So far I'm 12 days in and feeling pretty good.

Today I went on a 4 mile run with my friend Andrea.  We started at her house and set out for a nice 4 mile out and back run.  Our run started like normal, just a nice day running with a friend.  When we reached mile 2 we turned around and started heading back to Andrea's house.

As we were running we noticed a couple on the trail with a video camera.  We ran by the couple and they asked if we could help them shoot a video.  Andrea and I were a little thrown off by the request.  We asked them what they were doing and they told us they were shooting a self defense video.  They taught self defense and they were doing a  product review for a gun holster and they needed someone who could play a believable attacker.  They then showed us the gun holster and the fake orange gun that they were using for the video.

Andrea and I were kind of in a hurry to get back and finish our run, but this situation was too strange to pass up.  Andrea then tells the guy, "you have the perfect person for your video right here!!!"

When I'm not working at Fleet Feet Sports I'm teaching boxing and Jiu Jitsu at the UFC Gym in Fresno.  I have a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and a brown belt in Judo.

I helped the couple make their video, and they were really happy with my fake attack acting that I did for them. After we were done making the video they told me they would send me a link to their YouTube channel once the video is complete.

You never know what kind of adventure you will have when you go for a run.

until next time....


Saturday, September 13, 2014


A few weeks ago I ran the Cool Moon 100 and basically had a mental breakdown during the race and dropped out of the event at mile 50.

When I got back home from the race I decided I needed to up my training.  I needed to regain my mental toughness that I felt that I had lost.

I made it a point to train the last few weeks with my friend Steve and my friend Andrea.

Steve is my Jiu Jitsu coach and knows how to push people.  I told him about what happened during Cool Moon and how I needed mentally challenging workouts to help me get my game back.  Steve was more than willing to help me out.  Every workout with Steve was mentally and physically taxing.  A lot of sparing with no rest, and constantly being put in positions where I wanted to give up and tap out, but giving up and taping out was not an option.  I was getting very comfortable with being uncomfortable again once I started working out with Steve and my old Jiu Jitsu buddies.

My friend Andrea is getting ready for her first full Iron Man.  On Tuesday mornings I've been tagging along with her and doing her morning workout.  Andrea is pretty fast and an awesome training partner.  She pushs the pace every time you run with her.  Even her "easy" pace is pretty hard at times to keep up with.

After spending the last few weeks working out with Steve and Andrea, I honestly feel like the holes that I had during Cool Moon have been filled.  These two awesome friends helped me push myself mentally and physically to the extreme over the last few weeks.

I feel like my confidence to push hard has been regained!!

I'm running the Headlands 100 for my 5th time in a row in just a couple hours from now, and I'm totally ready to rock and roll!!!!

Until next time...