Sunday, April 29, 2018


The poets message has got lost
Within the roaring of the crowd,
He does his best to calm them
But their yelling is too loud,

They twist the words he wrote for them
And turn them all around,
They are now so distant from his truth
It might never be found,

They destroy what he has built
And mistakenly stand so tall and proud,
Not realizing what they've been given
They just burned it to the ground,

They stepped away from nature
And built their cities far away,
Never to return
And live in disarray,

The further from the source
The message gets deluded,
They live a life of sin
Their souls become polluted,

Stop and try to think
Of all the wrong that has been done,
Most refuse to listen
And kill his only son,

The furthest distance from the truth
In this life that they now live,
All he wanted was for them to see
The love he has to give,

Was in it their nature
To destroy it from the start,
Once they left the garden
They tore his world apart...

Thursday, April 26, 2018


I try to hide
My hate inside,
But it's still there
I can not lie,

Some wounds are just
Cut too deep,
I wish I could
Put them to sleep,

I want to replace
The hate with love,
But you just replace
A push with a shove,

Maybe I've become
Bitter and cold,
I'm just tired of this shit
Because it's grown so old,

Maybe we should admit
That we should just let go,
We keep running in circles
I can do this no more,

It's no longer worth
The mental fatigue,
Nothing's the same
Between you and me...

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


You walked into my life
And I wasn't sure what to say,
After a short conversation
I watched you walk away,

I didn't really think
That I'd see you again,
And then two weeks later
You walked right back in,

I had no idea
Where this would go,
Or if I was even someone
You wanted to know,

When I first held your hand
It felt so right,
There was this magnetic attraction
We just couldn't fight,

From that very first date
You changed my life,
I still can't believe
That you'll soon be my wife,

You love my imprefections
And you accept every flaw,
When I'm feeling down
You make me stand tall,

You've changed my life
In so many ways,
You've given me sunshine
On my darkest of days,

My heart skips a beat
Every time I see you,
I can't wait for the day
That you say "I do."