Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


You walked into my life
And I wasn't sure what to say,
After a short conversation
I watched you walk away,

I didn't really think
That I'd see you again,
And then two weeks later
You walked right back in,

I had no idea
Where this would go,
Or if I was even someone
You wanted to know,

When I first held your hand
It felt so right,
There was this magnetic attraction
We just couldn't fight,

From that very first date
You changed my life,
I still can't believe
That you'll soon be my wife,

You love my imprefections
And you accept every flaw,
When I'm feeling down
You make me stand tall,

You've changed my life
In so many ways,
You've given me sunshine
On my darkest of days,

My heart skips a beat
Every time I see you,
I can't wait for the day
That you say "I do."

Monday, April 2, 2018

Vlog April 2nd 2018

Vlog for April 2nd 2018

03-03-2018 SJRT Half Marathon

On March 3rd, 2018 I decided to once again run the San Joaquin River Trail Half Marathon.  This is a local race that my friend Nate race directs, and it's on the trails that I run on the most of the time.

The course has a decent amount of elevation gain. It has approximately 2,500 feet of climbing and covers about 13.75ish miles.  Yes, the course is a little longer than 13.1 miles, but it's a trail race so to me that is slightly expected.  I would honestly prefer it to be a little longer than shorter.

This was my 4th year running this race.  The first year it was held was back in 2015, and I have been able to run it every year since it started.  I would like to say that I have ran it faster every year, but I have been doing quite the opposite.  The course is by no means easy, and is one of the races that I definitely have to specifically train for in order to improve my finishing time.  I hope that one year my training schedule will allow me to run a little faster.  My goal is to eventually run this event in under 2 hours.  I think that this goal might be attained by 2020 if I am able to improve upon my trail running speed.

I really enjoyed the race this year.  It was my friend Sunny's first trail half marathon, and Alisha was out there too.  Alisha has been running really strong this year, and I am always excited to see how she does at the end of these events.

The weather was pretty cool at the start of the race.  Before the race began I ran to my car really fast and realized that the short 100 meter run got me warm enough to know that the a light jacket was going to be a bad idea.  I decided to leave the jacket at the car and just brace the slightly cold weather in my shorts and singlet until the race would start.  This was a very good decision because about 3 miles into the race the weather got really nice and it started to warm up.  By the time I got to the half way point of the race, I was pretty hot.  I couldn't imagine how horrible it would have been to have had a jacket with me.

The race has one short out-and-back section.  As I was finishing up this section I saw Alisha running towards me, and she was moving really fast.  We gave each other a vocal "good job babe!!" acknowledgement with a high-five.

Just seconds after I saw Alisha, Sunny came running right behind her.  Sunny yelled at me, "She's running too fast now!! I can't keep up!!"

I was really happy to see Alisha and Sunny at this point, and I was happy to know that they had been running together some of the race.  Alisha and Sunny are my most consistent training partners, and I love running with both of them.

I came up to the last mile of the race and ran across the bridge that I had proposed to Alisha just a couple weeks earlier.  I was feeling pretty tired, but wanted to try to run as much as I could for the last mile that is pretty much all uphill.

I ended up finishing in 2 hours and 27 mins.  This was my 3rd slowest time at this event, but considering the training I had leading up to the event, it was what I was expecting.

Alisha came in just a few mins behind me and received 3rd place in her age group.  She's been running really strong this year.  I have a feeling that in the next year or so, she's going to be waiting for me at the finish line.  Alisha is getting faster and faster on the trails, and also more confident.  She maintains a very good training schedule while balancing everything else in her life.  I'm constantly impressed by her work ethic.  Alisha definitely keeps me accountable for my  own workouts as well.

My person best time at this event is 2 hours and 15 mins.  I hope that if I can stay healthy and train properly, that I can shoot for a sub 2 hour 7 min finish next year... and if I can do that, then try for a sub 2 hour finish in 2020.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rodeo Beach 50k December 12th 2017

Back in December of 2017 Alisha and I went to Rodeo Beach and ran our first 50k together.  At this point we we had been dating for a couple months and running a lot together.  I was really excited to run this event with Alisha.  Rodeo Beach is the start point of the Headlands 100, and the Rodeo Beach 50k used a lot of the same trails that the Headlands 100 uses.

This was also the first day of a fundraiser I did back back in December where I ran 26.2 miles (or more) for 10 days in a row.  Having my first day of my 10 days of running on this trail system made the event even more special to me.  I love running in the Marin Headlands area, and I was really excited to share this experience with Alisha.

Alisha has become my training partner, best friend, and we plan on getting married this year.  She constantly pushes me to give my best effort, and is very encouraging in every aspect of my life.

It was awesome running the Rodeo Beach 50k with her.  We were running on trails that I love running on, and we were still at the point of our relationship where we were still learning a lot about each other.  Taking the entire day to drive up at a race, then run, and then drive back home gave us a lot of time to talk.

We have our second 50k lined up for this coming weekend.  I'm really looking forward to running this distance with her again.  She in better shape than I am right now, so I know that I'm probably going to struggle trying to stay on pace with her.  She's getting stronger and stronger every race she runs, and has been running super strong this year.  I'm pretty excited to see how fast we run the 50k this Saturday.

...hopefully she doesn't run it so fast that I can't keep up.

until next time...